Stepping Out's founder, Bonny
Bates has a daughter with the
syndrome. During the journey with
her daughter, Laurie, as she went
from 315 lbs to a healthy 125 lbs,
the Stepping Out Programs and its
mission evolved.
Stepping Out, Inc was developed to provide fitness
oriented services to individuals with Prader-Willi
Syndrome. This is a non-inherited genetic disorder
characterized by low metabolism and an insatiable
food drive that can lead to morbid obesity. Stepping
Out is located in Hastings MN with several
residential living locations and its own gym.
Stepping Out Run Club
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Stepping Out Origins
Stepping Out Facilities
Today Stepping Out has five
apartment homes for individuals
with the syndrome. These are
small, stable homes for life mates
who share interests and needs.

Residences are located within blocks of each other and are
located near the Stepping Out Gym where residents and their
staff go for daily workouts and activities. Stepping Out
residential apartments can be developed for anyone who has
Prader-Willi Syndrome. The environment emphasizes choice
within structure, consistency, positive reinforcement, healthful
eating and of course daily exercise and fun.