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Stepping Out has had great success with all of our residents. Stepping Out residents
loose an average of 40% or more of their body weight within one year of joining the
Stepping Out family. Diet and
has been with Stepping Out for 5 years.
Grant is an amazing athlete who came to
stepping out weighing in at 330 lbs.

Loves to Dance!
330 lbs
150 lbs
Has been with Stepping Out for 9 years.
Vinny came to us in a wheel chair and has
become an amazing athlete.

10 Minute Mile Pace
Wants to Run a Half Marathon
260 lbs
138 lbs
Has been with Stepping Out for 8 years.
Tat recently graduated from school and now
has a job at MRCI.

Loves to ride bikes and dance.

260 lbs
117 lbs
Susan lived on her own for 10
years. Susan has been transformed
since coming to Stepping Out.

Great Dancer
Attends College

315 lbs
135 lbs
Adam is a newer resident at
Stepping Out. Adam shows amazing
potential to be a very strong runner.

Works at ESR
Terrific athlete

345 lbs
180 lbs
exercise programs are
coordinated with a team of
experts who ensure safety
and effectiveness of Stepping
Out programs.